About Arbanassi

Arbanassi was founded in the late 15th centry by Christians coming from the south-western parts of the Balkan peninsula -
Bulgarians, Greeks, Albanisans. It was ruled for number of decades by different Ottoman notables. By the mid 16 th. Centry it
became property of Roustem pasha, the Grand Vizir to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.
The population was granted many privileges and paid reduced taxes, providing the safety of the pass nearby in return. These
favourable conditions brought the settlement to a considerable prosperity and attracted new settlers.
The wealthy Arbanassi merchants were actively involted in international trade and had established close link with Italy,
Austro-Hungary, Russia, Wallahia and Italia. They carried out significant transactions between European towns and Istanbul. A
good number of crafts flourished in the village-goldsmith's, coppersmith's, blacksmith's, sericulture and silk-worm breeding.
The diverse character of the population, its economic might and the intensive contacts with many countries were the main
condition for the creation of an original culture Unique are the architectural and religions monuments that have come down to
us from the 17th.and 18th.centuries - houses, streets, fountains churches, and monasteries, mural painting, iconostases and
The Konstantsaliev's house was built in the 17th century. The basement was built of stone. The main entrance was protected
with a solid studded door. Although the premises are spacious and roomy, the large house fortress emanates coziness and
warmth. This is additiunally emphasized by the rich decoration. The owner must have been a rich man with a sophisticated taste, while the master-builder must have been talented for creative work

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